• Celeste Mitchell

boating in winter,

Why It should be cool!

After Easter the weather on the East Coast starts to cool down & the boating industry seems to come to a standstill.

Let us give you a few great reasons to not follow the trend, get out on the water this Winter & reap the rewards of owning a boat all year round.

- We are blessed with mild winters in Australia.

- Winter presents calmer and more predictable weather.

- Crisp, clear days.

- Fewer Boats on the water means the enjoyment of quiet, secluded bays all to yourself.

- Less competition when fishing.

- Soak up the Winter Sunshine.

- Spot Marine life from May to July when Humpback Whales migrate North.

- If you don’t own your own boat off peak hire fees can save you not only money, but also be more readily available for that last-minute weekend adventure.

It is however very important to consider that the conditions you may come across over winter may be more challenging than during summer.

Be prepared by having warm drinks on board & adequate wet weather clothing in case of a dramatic weather change.

Ensure that you have life jackets present for all passengers & check the weather report regularly.

Most importantly make sure that your boat is up to date with all its safety equipment, regular servicing is completed & you check your engine oil before you embark on your adventure as fluids can thicken in the cold.

Most importantly have fun and enjoy the beauty of the Pittwater.

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